My work is a continuous evolution and change, a study in depth of feeling through images and words. I enjoy all forms of expression, utilizing skills and technologies to enable the creative process. Life is art, and I strive to embody and realize the potentials of each moment.

I am currently producing paintings based on what it means to me to be an American artist. Reason? Passion, vision, hubcaps, color splashes and traveling in foreign lands. What? Art, snapshots from a visual mind, blue on orange, fenders and hips, sex, poetry. A community is based on communication, interaction between points apparently disparate. Art creates some motion, evolution and change, connections groups and movements.

How? Determination, multi media, throwing ideas and acting on urges. To understand my own reality, color and words, forms and images,sounds and words-Expression of human experience. transparency and authenticity are supported through following up on my inspiration to create art.

Art and Jewelry are currently available by appointment, and at the following Northern California Galleries:

Hand Goods Mendocino Jewelry Studio
3627 Main St. 45104 Main St.
Occidental, CA  95465Mendocino, CA  95460
Blue Sky Gallery The Corner Gallery
21 S. Main 201 S. State St.
Willits, CA  95490 Ukiah, CA  95482